Herring House
How your support helps
How your support helps
How your support helps

Herring House Trust provides a home to more than 80 people each night in Great Yarmouth.  We regularly see over 250 people each year who need some form of support and we actively work to find people who may be sleeping rough in Great Yarmouth offering them emergency accommodation.

Safe housing means a more stable life; a place from which change can happen.  With your support we are able offer a way out of homelessness for many people living within our Town.

We regularly need donations of towels and toiletries for men and women and will be happy to receive such donations at our hostel – just ring the bell.

For £2.00 per day, a person living in our hostel will receive 3 wholesome, home cooked meals, which makes a real difference to a person’s recovery. Your help in this way will ensure we continue to offer year round support.

If you would like to support the work of the Trust, please contact us on 01493 331524.

Charitable trusts and foundations

We have always felt privileged to work with the many Charitable Trusts and Foundations who have supported our work in the past and their backing has made the difference in bringing an end to homelessness for many.

If you are part of a Charitable Trust and would be interested in supporting our work please contact us on 01493 331524 to speak about how we can work together to fight homelessness.