Herring House
Testimonials from Herring House

I am a 53 year old man, a builder by trade but not working at the moment due to ill health. When I did work, I worked hard so I also played hard, I would go to the pub after work during the week and then have a ‘blow out’ at weekends... as time went on the weekends seemed to last longer and extend into the week and my working week would get shorter as I extended the weekend binges. Until, I wasn’t fit for work when I did get there and eventually got laid off... It didn’t dawn on me that while I was enjoying life the people around me might be suffering, I lost my job, my family, my home and with that my identity. I had hit rock bottom and was directed to Herring House Trust, at the time although I felt the damage I was doing I couldn’t seem to help myself. I went there for a bed to sleep in, but after a while I settled and with the support of the staff I am managing to deal with my alcoholism and working hard to regain the trust of my family. It’s going to take time but I think I’ll get there.”

JH – my story

At first I was scared, I didn’t know anyone in the hostel and I wasn’t sure I’d even fit in, but I was given a female worker at my request which gave me a chance to open up a bit, they give me counselling sessions with the counsellor which was hard at first, I stuck at it and for the first time in a long while started to take my meds regularly. My mental health is under control and after the hostel I moved into a shared house and now I’m in a flat of my own. I still pop in from time to time, if I think I’m having a wobble……. It makes me feel better.


Herring House Trust helped me, it doesn’t work for everyone but they never judged me and when I got it wrong, I got another chance.